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Network Solution

All Services You Need to Manage and Control Your ICT infrastructure. At AGE, we know that your ICT Infrastructure is a crucial part of your business strategy. Managing and controlling the Infrastructure aligned to your business needs on a cost effective manner can pose a formidable challenge on your organisation.

You are faced with a constantly evolving array of products and services from an increasing variety of providers, as well as a complicated mix of applications. Hiring and retaining the staff to manage your infrastructure and staying abreast of technology developments can be difficult and costly. AGE offers you a variety of financial and technical services that can assist and guide you in achieving your business goals in-time and maybe more important on a cost transparent, cost predictive and cost effective way.

AGE operates as a single point of contact, is independent and uses a network of specialized partners to deliver the requested service offerings. In this way we are flexible and able to guarantee high quality services based on the latest developments and techniques.

Some of our Services are:

- Network Printing, Scanning, Faxing

- Network Access Storage

- Setup Switches

- Configure VPN

- Remote CCTV viewing

- Configure Cisco Router & Firewall

- Setup Server Rack with patch panel

- Setup security to block bad website from children

- Software Installation
- Structure cabling (CAT5E, CAT6, RJ45, RJ11, BNC)

- Telephone wire cabling for PABX

- Configure Modem/Router (Wired/Wireless)

- Link to Internet Cameras

- Configure Cisco Modem/Router/Firewall

- Configure Wireless Access Points

- Configure Wireless Internet

- Configure Switches