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Preventative maintenance - “Life Insurance for your Printers”

“Prevention is better than Cure” – It suits best when it comes for printers. Because the printer repair cost is more than compared to the cost for the preventive printer maintenance. By our Preventive maintenance agreement, we offer various services like unlimited service call, repairing the printers for the contract period (on annual basis), routine health checkup for the printers, change the parts for the defective printers.

1. Unlimited Service Call – Client may consume unlimited service calls to AGE, in case of printer repair ( no extra cost is included for this service, not even the transportation cost. We provide onsite support and repair the printers on the same day)

2. Repairing the defective printers – We care for our customers deadline, so we do onsite repair of the defective printers, once we get the intimation from the customers.

3. We do quarterly or half yearly routine health checkup for all the printers under our preventive maintenance, to make sure that the printers are in good working condition

4. We carry printer parts when we do routine checkup and change the parts even before the customer asks us to do so.

Finally, If you worry about your printers, Don’t want to be from here on. We are your one-stop solution for all your printing needs.

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